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Rental Instruments from Beau Vinci Violins.

Rental Instruments from Beau Vinci Violins.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Beau Vinci Violins as your partner on this journey...
  • Teacher and luthier recommended. Beau Vinci's rental instrument is the best in the region.
  • The quality of craftsmanship in our workshop is second to none. Our head luthier is a violin family specialist and graduate of N.S.V.M. in Nottinghamshire, England. A formally trained luthier is a must for any serious violin shop.
  • Upgraded strings & tailpiece. What many shops consider an upgrade is standard for our instruments.
  • Maintenance included. Our full time professional luthier will ensure that you spend your time making music, not waiting on a repair.
  • No length of contract. Rent a great instrument for a month or a year and cancel with no penalty.
  • Apply FULL rental payments toward a purchase. Use equity from your rental payments to upgrade. And yes, the whole payment may be applied toward a purchase, not just a portion.
  • Insurance Included: Any damages that exceed the security deposit are fully insured, so if you run over it in the driveway, you won't have to buy it.
  • Convenience: Order and pay online. You're done in moments.
  • Fully refundable security deposit.

Pricing Info

Yes, the security deposit is refundable. Read the terms and conditions for details, it will answer most of your questions. Here is a quick summary of rental fees.

Promotional Rate:

Violin: $20 per month + tax   |   Sec. Deposit - $100

Viola: $30 per month + tax   |   Sec. Deposit - $150

Cello: $45 per month + tax    |   Sec. Deposit - $200

Bass: $80 per month + tax    |   Sec. Deposit - $300

What next?

It's easy.
  1. Just select your instrument and size below. Click here if you need help determining your instrument size.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to confirm that you've read them.
  3. Select your preferred pick-up method.
  4. Add any additional accessories you may need to your cart.
  5. Check out.
The price you see is for the August and September promotional rental payment combined. Your normal monthly rental rate will begin automatic monthly draft on October 1st. After you add your instrument to your cart, your security deposit will be automatically added as well. Simple. So select your info and get ready to make some music.
$ 25.00

 Click here to read terms and conditions.

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